Techathon event is a competition designed to encourage participants to apply their knowledge, creativity, and skills to solving industry-relevant problems. The participants will be solving the posted challenges in a short time to create optimal solutions. Participation will pave a way for aspiring students to reach greater heights.

Techathon 2022 – An event was organized by TechGenzi Private Limited partnered with AAA College of Engineering using the FreshVoice talent platform on 09-June-2022.  This competition event was designed to encourage student participants to apply their knowledge, creativity, and skills toward solving industry-relevant challenging problems.

The overwhelming participation of over 225 students from 60 colleges, formed 72 teams to compete. 45 teams submitted abstracts, 36 teams submitted final solutions, 17 teams were shortlisted for the subject matter expert panel review and 3 Winners.   The cash reward for the winner was Rs. 50,000/- for the second prize was Rs.25,000/- and the third prize was Rs.10,000/-   There were many consolation prizes and certificates provided for all the shortlisted candidates.

The entire event was hosted on the Techathon Platform developed by TechGenzi Private Limited.  The Platform enables any college to host a Technical Competition Event such as this one with ease.  Using this platform, a student can register, pick their team, declare one captain for the team, and can assign a mentor.   The team captain will be able to choose the problem statement posted on the platform by the event organizers and work on the same.  The team can add their artifacts, abstracts, approach document (ways to solve the problem), and the final documents for review.  The review panel can log into the system and review by team or by problem statement (as assigned to the panel) and can rate the team. An automatic QFD report will get generated which helps in shortlisting the team for the final presentations.