Asset Management

A solution to effectively manage, monitor, and track utilization of assets to meet the investment objectives and increase the return on investment. It helps executive to make informed decision and maximize the capital investment

All the HR needs in one software

Manage your entire HR function using one single software. All your organization ion data is stored in a secured database, with advanced reporting tools and seamless filtering capabilities that bring accurate data to your fingertips. Manage all your HR needs in one place easier, faster, and more accurately.

Make Process easier than easier.

Payroll management

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Timesheet management

ClearCompany’s award-winning Talent Management Platform is the only HR software that understands the unique roles and goals that drive your company forward,

Leave management

Best all-in-one talent management software systems · ADP Workforce Now · Ceridian Dayforce · BambooHR · Workday · SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite. Talent management systems are designed to manage talent through the entire lifecycle from talent acquisition through 

Access Control

talent management (TM) suite is an integrated set of modules that supports an organization’s need to plan, attract, develop, reward, engage and retain.

Every business has to prioritize protecting its assets.

IPSS–Asset Management offers the features to prioritize, track, and effectively maintain an organization’s assets. The process of developing, operating, maintaining, and cost-effectively selling the asset. Save time and keep records up to date in a single location by compiling data.

Monitor & manage assets systematically

Contract & maintenance management

Asset management helps to analyze all the data for the work needed to perform on the assets themselves.

Effective tracking of assets

Asset tracking systems can be used to help you collect and retain data on any item of value that your organization owns.

Better utilization of current assets

Current assets include cash, cash equivalents, accounts receivable, stock inventory, marketable securities, pre-paid liabilities, and other liquid assets.

Have greater asset visibility

Properly allocate the rights to users, and refresh older assets so your employees have the technical resources they need to do their job.

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