Compliance Management System


A structured tool designed for enterprises for adherence to laws, regulations, standards, and industry best practices. Complete process of managing the policies, procedures and guidelines is digitized with SOP managed through simplified checklist on mobile apps. Provision for assigning the action to responsible persons to act on closing the NC’s.  Auditors (internal / external) do the assessment using the tool and generate report instantly.

Solutions for Yellow buses – Realtime location, Safety, and Alerts

Track your Truck Performance, monitoring and On/Off & Movements

Drive Fuels cost reduction

Optimum usage of Vehicles

Reduce Operational Cost


Statutory Documents

Company Policies & Procedures

Check Lists & Guidelines​​


Audit Checklists

Assessments & Scores



Benefits to our Customers & Users

One Stop Solution for vehicles Management

Regulatory compliance – Safety & Security

Real Time Fleet Visibility & On Time Performance

Onboard / Deboard Alerts

Cost Reduction Focus – Control wear & tear, avoid traffics and effective fuel usage

Emergency response and alert messages to Parents

Transportation standard, Overspeed and boundaries monitoring

Timely Pick up and Drop and delays monitoring

Payment gateway to collect fees

Improved Satisfaction Index / Parents peace of mind

Avoid vehicle theft and unintended usage

On-time performance

Increased Vehicle Utilization

Efficiency Improvement – through timely maintenance, improvement in driving pattern

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