Campus Management Solutions

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WhatsApp Image 2023-07-23 at 8.45.25 PM

A Campus Management Solution platform designed to enable digital transformation for educational institutions to deliver highly effective, secure, productive and timely accurate details and provides end to end experience to the Management, Professors, Students & Parents.

Eliminate Overhead cost – Administrative and Operational expenses

We aspire to be your technology partner to deliver cost-effective, real-time solutions
to suit your needs and run your business operations smooth and efficiently.

Single platform for Management, Professors, Students &

Event Management enabling internal and external competitions / conferences

End to End student experience – Onboarding to Graduation and Alumni networking

One stop solution for Human Resources, assets, compliance and operations

Digitally enabled payment collections

Digitally enabled NAAC accreditations

Highly customizable platform to suit your needs


Value Offering Features & Solutions

End-to-End Student Experience

Event Management

One Stop Solution

Digitally Enabled Collections

Customized Solution

Platform for all Stakeholders

Efficiency Improvement

Reduced manual work, streamlined process and automation of tasks

15% to 20%

Enhanced Productivity

Improved User Interface, tailored workflows – faster task completion & smoother operation

20% to 40%

Cost Savings

Optimized processes, improved resource utilization, Profit & Loss accountability at all levels,

10% to 15%


Enhanced reporting and analytics capability for insights and decision,

25% to 30%

Stakeholder Satisfaction

Streamlining interactions, user friendly tools, one stop solution, ease of doing work

10% to 15%

Asset & Inventory

Better stock control, reduced carrying cost, optimum utilization of assets, improved cash-flow

10% to 15%

Key to Success
• Level of customization
• Quality of implementation / deployment
• Management Commitment
• User adoption
• Ongoing support and maintenance



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